Hochrain, Wösendorf (Grüner Veltliner)


On the terraced slopes of the "Hochrain" in Wösendorf, my Grüner Veltliner is thriving in deep loess soils. Here, the wines develop nutty and spicy tones with yellow fruit aromas. In comparison with the Veltliner from primary rock, the "Hochrain" is a precise example of how much the soil influences the character of the wine.hochrain_liegend

Vintage 2016, Alcohol 12.9% vol,   Dry, with 1.3g/l RZ,    5.4 g/l acidity,   pH 3.30
Vintage 2015,
 Alcohol 13.1% vol,   Dry, with 1.0g/l RZ,    5.2 g/l acidity,   pH 3.38
Vintage 2014,
Alcohol 12.2% vol,   Dry, with 1.0g/l RS,    6.2 g/l acidity,   pH 3.2
Vintage 2013,
Alcohol 13.2% vol,   Dry, with 1.2g/l RS,    6.2 g/l acidity,   pH 3.3
Vintage 2012,
 Alcohol 12.9% vol,   Dry, with 1.0g/l RS,   5.3 g/l acidity,    pH 3.4
Vintage 2011,
Alcohol 13.1% vol,   Dry, with 1.5g/l RS,   5.6 g/l acidity,    pH 3.4
Vintage 2010, Alcohol 12.7% vol,   Dry, with 3.0g/l RS,   6,5 g/l acidity,    pH 3.4
Vintage 2009, Alcohol 12.8% vol,   Dry, with 2.0g/l RS,   6.1 g/l acidity,    pH 3.3