Liebedich, Wachau (Grüner Veltliner)

Liebedich, Wachau

In 2012 and 2013 this Grüner Veltliner was sourced from various terraced vineyards, some with old vines: Bruck, Schön, Buschenberg, Hochrain and Loibenberg. The quantity from each plot is too small for individual bottlings, yet the quality is potentially superb from these predominantly primary rock sites.

Starting with the vintage of 2014 also the grapes of the flat vineyard KREUTLES in Unterloiben are part of this blend. Therefore LIEBEDICH is from now on my classic, authentic Wachau Grüner Veltliner, representing the typical characteristics of the region and the vintage in a "drinking animating" way.

In some vineyards I manage the soil with a tractor and for that reason, I do not use my neck label “Handarbeit” which signifies a wine that is farmed completely by hand.

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Liebedich, Wachau

Vintage 2016: 
Alcohol 11.7% vol,   Dry, with 2.5g/l RS,   5.5g/l acidity,   pH 3.20
Vintage 2015:
Alcohol 11.9% vol,   Dry, with 1.0g/l RS,   5.5g/l acidity,   pH 3.29
Vintage 2014:
Alcohol 11.6% vol,   Dry, with 3.5g/l RS,   6.2g/l acidity,   pH 3.25
Vintage 2013:
Alcohol 12.6% vol,   Dry, with 1.6g/l RS,   6.4g/l acidity,   pH 3.3
Vintage 2012,
Alcohol 12.6% vol,   Dry, with 1.7g/l RS,   5.2g/l acidity,   pH 3.4