Schöner Riesling (from vineyards all over the Wachau)

Schöner Riesling

I didn't make any single vineyard Rieslings from the 2014 vintage. The ripeness development of the grapes – especially in the cool Riesling vineyard sites of the Wachau – was, for me, not suitable for the dry Rieslings that I strive for.
Hail and problems with a high population of mice as well as extensive rain that began at the end of August led to the onset of rot. This meant that a significant portion of the fruit was lost.  But thankfully, the “rescued” grapes were characterised by wonderfully high acidity.
As I was determined to create a harmonious wine without a de-acidification process or any kind of induced improvement - I vinified from all of my Riesling vineyards a naturally sweet, juicy and balanced Riesling with a long ageing potential.

So, for me, the 2014 vintage was, in retrospect, a stroke of luck – with a Riesling that is atypical not only for the region, but for all of Austria. And in future I will make this style of wine whenever I have the feeling a vintage is siutable.

2015: Alcohol  8,6% vol, sweet, with 70,1g/l RS,   8,8g/l acidity,   pH 3,1
2014: Alcohol  9,3% vol, sweet, with 49,0g/l RS,   10g/l acidity,   pH 2.95